As a newcomer to MNODN, I was interested in visualizing the dynamics of this informal organization.  Using Keyhubs, we are able to get a glimpse into the Partner, Resource and Friendship network of MNODN.

For OD consultants that are new to a company, can this information help in navigating the social and influence landscapes?  Is this data useful in assessing an organization’s strengths and weaknesses?

Member 44, 36 and 55 are central hubs when it comes to partnering with other MNODN members.

Member 65 and 55 lead the way when it comes to resource sharing. How helpful would it be to know who the key hubs are in the organizations you work with?

A glimpse into the friendship network of MNODN.


Welcome to the Keyhubs Blog

February 19, 2010

Hello and Welcome to the Keyhubs Blog.

Keyhubs is about uncovering the ‘hidden org chart’. We combine consulting services with our unique, online tool for mapping informal (human) networks in the workplace.  We uncover hidden talent, expose key influencers and identify high-performing teams to help organizations realize their full potential.

Our goal is to make social network analysis (SNA) or organizational network analysis (ONA) accessible and affordable to businesses and consultants alike.

Join us in making Keyhubs mapping a mainstream business practice.